Craig Kahle | Cloudflare CSE Assessment


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Setup Steps / Summary

Did you learn anything new during this assignment?

Yes, I learned about the Cloudflare Tunnel product, which is excellent! It was nice to get a refresher on installing certs onto a server, which has been a while

How did you fill the gaps (if any) in your knowledge during the process?

I mainly consulted the Cloudflare docs and GCP docs. The provded documentation was strong

What was your experience with Cloudflare Zero Trust, Cloudflare Tunnels and Cloudflare Workers?

I really like Cloudflare Tunnels, and Workers. I am still getting used to Zero Trust, but can already see how it would be very helpful to lock down routes of an application super quickly. I switched to the Wrangler CLI for Workers, and it is very easy to use. I like how it is a wrapper around the API, and I can use it to quickly deploy and update my worker. It felt like writing a familiar node app where I could add dependencies and use npm to manage them.

What issues did you run into (if any) and how did you overcome them?

The only issues I ran into were pivoting to a Compute Engine instance instead of Cloud Run, and getting the Cloudflare tunnel to work with the application by using the --network host flag. Cloud Run just announced support for sidecar and proxy containers, which would have made this easier, but is definitely a bleeding edge feature, thus GCE made more sense for now.

How would you describe each product in simple language?

Cloudflare Tunnel: A way to expose private services publically

Cloudflare Workers: A way to run serverless code on the edge

Cloudflare Zero Trust: A way to lock down routes of an application

What use cases can you see each product being useful for?

Cloudflare Tunnel: This honestly can and will hopefully usher a move away from using VPNs for securing private resources. VPNs definitely will have their place, but this is a great alternative for exposing private services publically, very quickly.

Cloudflare Workers: I really like this product in that you can build complete applications eg. html/react that some other FaaS (function as a service) providers do not allow, or make it complicated to do. These applications could pair very nicely with larger infrastructure and handle crons or data movement/pipelines.

Cloudflare Zero Trust:

How do you imagine that a target customer will find this experience?

I believe the products are very strong and easy to use. The documentation is excellent as well. I really liked seeing the diverse array of Worker examples that used the Wrangler CLI. The only slightly confusing aspect I encountered is that Zero Trust products use a separate dashboard than